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Friendly, Professional, Counselling and Psychology Support for NDIS Participants


Registered NDIS Provider

Counselling Coaching and Psychotherapy Support for All Your Needs and Concerns

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At Clear Day Consulting we aim to provide the best in friendly, professional, counselling, coaching, and psychotherapy services.

As a professional NDIS provider and counselling and coaching service we believe everyone should have access to the best in friendly professional mental health services.  With that in mind we aim to provide the best in effective, friendly counselling, coaching, psychotherapy support services to all our clients including our NDIS participants. 

Whether you need someone to simply talk to someone who can help, right through getting help with a problem or if you need someone to be their to help for the long term we aim to provide all our clients the best counselling, coaching and psychotherapy services we possibly can. It doesn’t matter if you want a person to help you with a problem or someone who will always be there for you for the long haul, we promise to help you the best way we can.

We approach providing help from a Positive Psychology point of view.  In other words we aren’t focused only on the symptoms.  We help you in all aspects of your life while simultaneously tackling the root cause of your problems or concerns. We can provide one to one support or work with small groups.  We encourage engagement and support to and from extended family, friends and support people.  

Whether you’re anxious, stressed, depressed, traumatized, or struggling with other more serious and complex concerns we will always support and understand you and work with you as we navigate your challenges together. We absolutely aim to help you build your capacity to thrive in life and living no matter what your situation. In short we will work with you and support you as you learn to live your best life.

We Aim to Help Everyone Achieve their Best Life
Through Professional Friendly Counselling,
Coaching and Psychotherapy Services.

Our counsellors, coaches and psychotherapists meet the highest professional standards.

Highly Educated and Experienced

Our counsellors, coaches and therapists are highly educated and experienced.  All must hold a Masters degree or above.  So you can trust they know what they are doing. They all must have 5 years or more experience working with clients.  Some have almost two decades of experience.

Friendly, Professional and Confidential

Whilst our therapists are highly trained they are also very friendly, professional and will treat your situation with confidentiality.  They will always maintain your privacy and your rights to confidentiality.  You don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about anything that you want to keep to yourself.

Registered and Accredited.

Our professional counsellors, coaches and psychotherapists must all be registered either, the Australian Counsellors Association, the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia, or the Australian Psychological Society.  So you can be sure they meet the best professional standards.

Professional Development

It is a requirement of our professional body that we undergo continuous professional development so they continuously improve their skills and keep up with the latest research.  You can be confident that we will provide you with supports that are based on current research.

Our accredited team of Counsellors, Coaches and Psychologist’s meet the highest education and professional standards and on top of that they’re really nice people as well.  To become a Clear Day Counsellor, our counsellors and therapists, and coaches, must be a member of the Australian Counselling Association or the Australian Psychological Society, they must have a Master’s degree in counselling, psychotherapy or psychology or above, and you must have at least 5 years of experience helping people in a professional setting.  What’s more we must all undergo on going professional development by attending seminars, and completing accredited courses to continuously improve our skills and what we can offer our clients.  In short we ensure we stay up to date with the latest research.

Here are Just Some of the Services We Can Help you With:

Drug and Alcohol

Do you or someone you care about struggle with drug or alcohol use problems.  If so you’re not alone.  Many people struggle with both of these issues.  Fortunately there are solutions.  We provide the best in professional, friendly drug and alcohol counselling services.  If you want to kick the drug use habit or if you want to learn how to control your drinking then give us a call to find out how we can help.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stress, anxiety and depression are common problems that we all experience.  Sometimes if left untreated they can grow, become chronic problems that make our lives very distressing.  We can help you not only overcome your stress, anxiety or depression problems, we can help you get you confidence and enthusiasm for life and living back.

Relationships and Social Confidence

Do you struggle with confidence in social settings, do have trouble with being more assertive in your relationships, are your relationships not as fulfilling as you’d like them to be.  If so you’re not alone, these are very common problems that we can help you overcome.  We can help you build your confidence and create the kind of relationship you really enjoy being in.

General Counselling

If you have challenges that you don’t seem to be able to overcome on your own or with the help of your friends and family it might be helpful to speak to a counsellor.  We all have challenges in our lives that can benefit from professional help.  Our counsellors will help you work through your problems, make the best decisions for you and help you develop the confidence you need to live your best life.

We can also help you with:

Confidence Coaching

Many of us struggle with confidence issues un-necessarily. If you are someone who is a shy, or socially anxious we can provide you with programs that will help by building your confidence.  If you have a problem with being assertive, or conflict we can help you learn to speak up and enjoy more confidence.

Anger Management

We all struggle with anger at times.  The problem isn’t do we get angry.  Of course we do .  The problems are,  what triggers your anger and what you do with your anger when you’re triggered.  Left un-treated anger starts to impact your whole life in a negative ways.  If you’re struggling with anger we can help.

General Life Coaching

We don’t always struggle with big issues, like anxiety, grief, anger, depression, drugs or alcohol. Sometimes we just need someone to talk things through with a professional so we can make better decisions.  If you want a professional to help you with any part of navigating life we can help.

Working with families

Sometimes when we help individuals we also need to help the entire family system.  If the family system is struggling then it is not sensible to concentrate only on the individual.  With that in mind if you need help for yourself or your extended family we can provide the support you need.

You can Speak with Us Either in Our Offices or Via Video or Even Phone.

We help people all across Australia.  You can either come in to our office in Macquarie Street Sydney opposite the Royal Botanic Gardens or we can see you on Video saving you the hassle of travelling or parking.  If you prefer we can also provide you help over the phone.

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