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Develop Authentic Confidence

Do you want to build genuine and authentic confidence in both your personal and professional life?  Do you want to enjoy more personal and professional success because you’re genuine, authentic and confident?  If so you need to adopt the skills and strategies of authentic confidence into you way of thinking and acting.  If you do everything in life and career becomes easier. Without confidence everything is harder than it needs to be. With genuine, authentic, confidence everything is easier, more enjoyable, less stressful, you get better results and you become more attractive to potential partners or employers.

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Confidence Coaching Sydney

This is a program for anyone who believes they would benefit from having more confidence. Turn your social life around, take opportunities at work, be more successful and happier at the same time. This course looks at what confidence is and what stops up from being confident, as well as how to develop the skills and beliefs that create total confidence. It is based on advances in Psychological research so you can trust that it will work.

Confidence Coaching Sydney City

Many people struggle with confidence issues. For some of us we may struggle with confidence even though we have highly successful careers. This program puts us back in the drivers seat and gives us all we need to know in order to develop high levels of confidence in three key areas, Social Confidence, Career Confidence and Relationship Confidence.

Confidence Coaching Sydney South and Inner West

For anyone who want to enjoy more confidence, be happier, experience more success. In this program you will find out what genuine confidence truly is, what stops you from having it and how to get it. It is based on advances in Psychological research so you can trust the program.

Create Greater Levels of Professional Success

Confident Business peopleIf you build your career confidence you will be able to take advantage of your career opportunities, you will find that you are more creative and have a greater sense of satisfaction from your career. There is no limit to the benefits of developing career confidence, from being more able to articulate your ideas and be assertive through to simply being less anxious in meetings.

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Get noticed for being good at what you do

Overcome Social Anxiety or Performance Anxiety
Exec Coach Influence CDCIf you are someone who suffers with shyness, social anxiety, performance anxiety, or anyone who believes their life is being held back. If you believe you are not promoting yourself in social or career situations you would benefit from this highly successful program. If you struggle in relationships because of a lack of confidence. If you are someone who wants to move on to higher levels of success and achievement then this program will show them how.

Attract positive attention from your colleagues and employers
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Don’t wait call for a free phone consult and find out how we can help you build the confidence that will make your personal and professional life so much easier.
Turn your social life from scary to fun
Friends having a casual talk on the beach.Turn your social life around and become the kind of person who is comfortable in social settings. By building social confidence you will start to enjoy an enthusiasm for social experiences, and for life that you previously have missed out on.

Become seriously comfortable in any social setting

Build your relationship confidence
Happy couple socialisingLet go any ears or concerns you might have when faced with relationships. Learn to be extremely comfortable with partners and people you’re interested in. Learn how to attract the kind of person that suits you. Attract the kind or relationship you want by developing your own personal relationship style.

Attract the right person as you learn to feel at ease with with relationships
Call to book your free short confidence coaching call and find out how we can help
02 9420 0788
Don’t wait call for a free phone consult and find out how we can help you build the confidence that will make your personal and professional life so much easier.
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Many of us struggle with confidence issues in our family lives, in our social lives and in our careers. This struggle will often mean that we don’t promote ourselves, we don’t ask for what we want from life or pursue opportunities as they may come up. We might take the back seat in relationships, or question ourselves far too much. A lack of confidence is often at the heart of shyness, poor self esteem. A lack of confidence makes relationships harder, it makes presenting difficult and even makes being happy in a struggle.

In the Authentic Confidence program you will learn how to overcome all of these concerns and more. You’ll overcome shyness and self esteem issues, you’ll become great at asking and getting what you want. You’ll attract opportunities that you not would normally be overlooked for. Your relationship confidence will see you becoming at ease and calm and charismatic in all your relationships, whether they are personal, social, romantic or professional. What’s more you’ll tap into that ideal of confidence and start to attract opportunities both personally and professionally that would have otherwise passed you by.

A Personalized Authentic Confidence Coaching Program will Help
This program explains what confidence actually is, what stops us from having confidence and then shows you how to achieve the levels of confidence you need in order to become the confident person you wish to be. The secret to authentic confidence is not to make you what you’re not, but rather to bring out you’re own genuine, authentic style. In other words to help you become more confident in your own personal way.

In this program you will learn:

1. What confidence actually is so you know what you’re doing
2. Discover what stops you from being confident so you feel free in your own skin
3. Develop your own authentic, genuine confidence, so you can be more yourself
5. Uncover your personal style so you’re unique
6. Discover how to speak and present with confidence
7. How to be more assertive so you can ask for what you want easily
7. Develop your personal relationship confidence so you don’t feel lost or anxious when relating

Frequently Asked Questions

How does confidence coaching work?

Confidence coaching is all about learning what true, authentic confidence is and how to develop it.  Most people could improve their confidence and enjoy the benefits that come with being more confident.

Each session we work together to learn what is holding you back from being as confident as you can be.  We provide you with the support you need so that you can go out into the world and apply what you’ve learned and get the best possible results.

At Clear Day Consulting we provide the best in face-to-face consultations and the best in either video or phone counselling.  You just have to decide what suits you best.  If you want to take advantage of video or phone consultations simply and book one in and then at the time of your appointment your counselor will call you.  Payment is made by credit card at the end of the session.

Will I be more confident when meeting new people?

Yes, absolutely, as you work through your program you’ll learn how to be at ease with anyone whether they be at work or they be at a party.  You’ll know what to say and what to do to make a great impression.  You’ll learn how to manage when the people you are speaking to are a bit difficult.  No matter what social situation you find yourself in we can teach you how to feel confident in yourself.

Will I be able to feel more confident at work?

Certainly, you will become more confident at work.  You’ll learn how to handle any situation at work with confidence and composure.  Whether you’re speaking to a senior manager, the CEO or another one of your peers you’ll know what to say and to, to feel like you know what you’re doing.

No, not unless you want to.  Learning to do public speaking is not necessary if you just want to feel confident in the company of others.

Can I learn to be a better public speaker through greater confidence?

Yes, you can.  If you have a job that requires that you learn how to do public speaking we can show you how to develop the kind of presence that makes your speaking events engaging, informative, and influential.

Each session is an hour and in that time we work with you to identify the things that are holding back your authentic confidence.  The fee for each session is 235.00. If the work you do with us is directly related to helping you at work you may be able to claim it as a tax deduction against your professional development.

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