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Fear of Flying Treatment in Sydney

A fear of flying can interfere with your ability to live the life you want to live. In a vast country such as Australia, flying can be essential and deeply ingrained fears can cause you to miss out on special events, holidays and adventures. In some instances, it can even be a hinderance to your career if travel is a requirement of the job.

Undergoing professional fear of flying counselling will help you to step on to a plane without the stress and anxiety you’ve become accustomed to. Fear of Flying is one of the most debilitating fears a person can experience.  From just being unable to be comfortable on a plane right through to the experience of severe panic, the fear of flying can really disrupt your life.

If you are experiencing the fear of flying and you want to eliminate it we can help.  The fear of flying program we provide at Clear Day Consulting addresses the root cause of the problem.  Once the root cause is addressed the fear of flying will be eliminated or be greatly reduced.

The secret is in identifying root cause and then using the most effective strategies to resolve the cause. We use root cause analysis, in conjunction with psychology and behavioural change strategies to help you eliminate fear of flying at its foundation.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help the please feel free to call us for a free 20 chat to discuss how we can help.  The number to call is 02 9420 0788

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Freedom from the Fear of Flying
Fear of Flying Anxiety

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Fear of flying treatment Sydney

Fear of flying is common. About 1 in a five hundred flyers experience the fear of flying. It is an anxiety that can be treated readily and if there are no complications you can expect to be rid of it all together.  The program we run here will address the root cause of your fear. We will then work with you until you’ve overcome your fear. You can be rid of the fear of flying. Effective help is readily available.

Anxiety related to flying can cause serious distress and symptoms that start to inhibit the way you live your life.

When you contact Clear Day Consulting for help with any problem, no matter how large or small, rest assured that you’re in a safe space. We promise and provide completely confidentialilty.  We run our therapy appointments either face to face or via phone and video link.  In any case we will tackle your fear of flying by working with you.  Our therapists use recearch based strategies.

We aim at addressing the root cause of your problem so you can eliminate your fear of flying. Your results will come quickly.  Most of our clients experience immediate improvement

Most of the time, phobias have a root cause that’s triggering anxiety. We can help you identify what that is, we can help you resolve or manage your fear of flying so that it no longer disrupts your life. We focus on you and your needs in your situation in such a way that you will most likely enjoy the process of getting your confidence back.

Our fear of flying treatment comprises three strategies that are proven to be highly effective.  The first being identifying the root cause.  The second is acquiring the psychology, skills and strategies and the third is the application and consolidation of those skills.

We use a combination of cognitive psychology, interpersonal psychology, visual imaginary exposure amongst other key strategies.

Our fear of flying counselling program is based on scientific research and proven strategies that have helped many of our clients to face their fears and overcome them.

If you’d like to discuss whether we can help you with your problem, please call us on 029420 0788 to discuss how we might be able to help.

Our approach to anxiety counselling is empathetic and supportive, and we aim to equip our clients with information that will support them on their journey. We look for long-term solutions and will help you build strategies to work through, and will be there every single step of the way.

To arrange a session with one of our professional counselors, use the booking tool on our website. You’ll be able to choose a time and date that suits you, and can have therapy sessions 

from the comfort of your home as we are currently running sessions via video and phone.

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We provide a free 20 min consultation where you can ask any questions you may have and we will explain how and if we can help.  

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