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Clear Day Psychotherapy services helps people suffering with Anxiety, Stress or Depression. If your not feeling as you believe you should you may be suffering with Stress, Anxiety or Depression. Modern Psychotherapy has many proven strategies for the treatment of these conditions. Help is available and is effective.

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Psychotherapy for Anxiety

Psychotherapy for Anxiety is a counselling process that provides a safe empathic environment for you discuss and understand the causes and solutions to your Anxiety problems. Psychotherapy for anxiety focuses on you, your situation and how best to resolve your worries.

Psychotherapy for Depression

Psychotherapy for depression uses modern cognitive behavioural psychology to help people overcome depression. This service is suitable for anyone suffering with mild, moderate and some forms of severe depression.

Psychotherapy for Stress

Psychotherapy for stress is for anyone who believes they may be suffering from stress regardless of severity. Stress is the cause of many mental health and wellbeing issues in the modern world. Stress elimination psychotherapy is highly effective. When compared to other mental health issues Stress related conditions are relatively easier to treat.

What you can expect from Clear Day Psychotherapy Services

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, anxiety or stress then psychotherapy can be of great help. You can trust any Clear Day Consulting recommended psychotherapists because they are highly educated, highly skilled, highly experienced, professional and genuinely caring people. All the treatment plans we recommend for you are based on recent scientific research so you can trust that our services represents the best help available.

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Empathy and rapport
Throughout the process of psychotherapy you will be able to discuss your concerns with a professional caring Psychotherapist in a safe environment. You will be able to talk about your issues freely with your Psychotherapist in a way that you are unable to do with friends, colleagues and family.

Our full understanding
For psychotherapy to be effective it is critical that the psychotherapist takes the time to thoroughly understand you, your situation, your needs and concerns before going on to look for solutions. Your psychotherapist will identify all the most important causes or influences contributing to your problems. Once the problem is fully understood it is then possible to implement strategies that will work effectively and as quickly as reasonable.

Many depression, anxiety or stress problems have been thoroughly researched and solutions are available.
Psychotherapy today is a highly researched field and as such many of the problems facing you today have been studied and effective and reliable treatment programs have been designed to get the best possible results. As research continues and treatments continue to improve all our recommended psychotherapists keep up to date.

We provide you with information, education, insight and support
In many cases clients may have incomplete knowledge of how the mind and body work best. Part of any effective psychotherapy service to you will help you understand the situation by providing you with the relevant information and knowledge.

We provide you with proven and effective strategies
Because we base our methods on recent scientific research we are able to provide you with strategies that have proven effectiveness. Sometime these strategies are as simple as providing you with information. Sometimes these strategies are directed at effectively changing your behaviours. Sometimes we will do deeper work that changes the schema you learned as a child

Everyday we help people overcome Anxiety, Stress or Depression through Psychotherapy
This is list is not exhaustive and represents only a sample of the help you can get through psychotherapy
Anxiety Disorders such as:
Social Anxiety
Performance Anxiety
General Anxiety Disorder
Separation Anxiety
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Stress Disorders such as:
Mental and emotional burnout
Fatigue and overwhelm
Poor concentration
Mood disturbances
Sleep Disturbances

Depressive Disorders such as:
Reactive depression
Depressive episodes
Major depressive disorder
Cyclothymic depression
Bipolar depression

What to do next
If you believe you or someone you know would benefit from individual counselling please call for an appointment. Or simply follow the link Make an Inquiry to ask us any question you may have.

We have three convenient offices
Clear Day Consulting has three offices throughout Sydney. We have an office in, Macquarie Street Sydney, servicing Sydney City and CBD, Crows Nest servicing Sydney’s Lower North Shore and offices in Glebe servicing Sydney’s South and Inner West

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