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What is drug and alcohol assessment?

Good therapists will use psychometric testing to measure your use of drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol assessments standardised tests that help us measure your baseline of use. These psychometric tests can also help us identify any other symptoms and problems that may be associated with your drug and alcohol use issues. Drug and alcohol psychometric assessments are safe completely confidential and are to help you measure your progress.

How do Drug and alcohol assessment questions work?

The way drug and alcohol assessments work is pretty straightforward. we give you a standardised assessment that is based on a normal group of people. You answer questions usually with a numbering system alright quick click and choice system. At the end your scores are tallied and compared to normal people who don’t have a problem.

How to answer drug and alcohol assessment questions?

Each drug and alcohol psychometric test will have instructions associated with it. Most want to look at your drug and alcohol use problems over the previous three to six months. So, when answering these questions, it’s best to consider what you’re like over the previous six months. Having said that, you’re best too answer the questions with your first impression. There is no absolute right and wrong . These are simple tests to give us simple guides as to where you are we should drug and alcohol problem and they also help us get your progress.

Assess yourself for drug and alcohol dependence.

Take the Audit Assessment. The Audit Assessment is a quick 3 minute standardised test to measure your baseline use of alcohol. The WHO ASSIST assessment is a more extensive assessment that measures your baseline usage and dependence across a number of common drug and alcohol type substances. You can find both of these tests on line free of charge.  Just type AUDIT and Who ASSIST into your browser and follow the appropriate links.