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The Stages of Relationship Counselling or Coaching

The Stages of Relationship Counselling and Coaching There are four stages to the process of relationship counselling or coaching. Initial workup. During the initial session, we listen to your situation, identify the root causes of your problem, and then outline a plan that will help

What is Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching Is Relationship coaching is a service that provides you with the knowledge skills and strategies that make relationships satisfying and fulfilling.  You may be somebody who is in a relationship and wants to improve the relationship you have if this is the case

How to counsel a drug addict

Be careful not to get dragged into their drama It’s easy to get hooked by their problems because you care.  Whilst it is understandable that you want to help by taking away their pain and distress often all that happens is you become just as

How to cover my drug and alcohol counselling costs

The cost of drug and alcohol counselling can be claimed against some health funds? Generally speaking, drug and alcohol dependents issues are not covered under Medicare or your health funds. However, in some situations, you may qualify for the governments better access to health care plan. To

About drug and Alcohol Counsellors

Professional Education and Experience. Highly qualified professional drug and alcohol counsellors have Master’s degrees in psychology and many years of experience and ongoing education helping people overcome problems with dependence on drugs and alcohol. They bring all their education and experience to the counselling process helping you overcome the

What does a drug and alcohol counsellor do?

Drug and alcohol counsellors are trained in understanding and identifying the drivers of your drug and alcohol use problems.  They help you become aware of your conscious and unconscious beliefs and behaviours that drive your dependence.  They are also expert at formulating strategies to overcome your dependency or

What is drug and alcohol assessment

What is drug and alcohol assessment?

Good therapists will use psychometric testing to measure your use of drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol assessments standardised tests that help us measure your baseline of use. These psychometric tests can also help us identify any other symptoms and problems that may be associated with your drug and alcohol use

What can you expect from drug and alcohol counselling

What can you expect from drug and alcohol counselling?

Empathy Professional therapists always and understand you in your situation so that they can give you a complete and thorough programme that will work for you. With this in mind all professional therapists are excellent when it comes to empathy. Understanding All good therapists will understand your situation.