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The next step: Clear Day Consulting Drug and Alcohol Program

Get the help you need so you can get your life back under your control.

Once you’ve decided you need to get help, or if you know someone you believe needs help then reach out to get a professional therapist by simply looking up one on the internet.  Read the reviews and also ask around friends and family members for referrals.

Check with your primary health care practitioner.

If you’re friends and family can’t point you in the right direction and you don’t want to risk seeing someone you’ve looked up on the internet your GP can point you in the right direction.

Find a therapist that suits you.

It is important that you have a good rapport with your therapist so don’t be frightened to change if you think you’re not really getting on well enough.  However, be aware that a good therapist isn’t your best friend. They are there to introduce you to the principles, skills and strategies you need to solve you problems.

Be determined to succeed.

No amount of good information, support and direction will replace the simple determination to succeed.  You still need the best information, support, and guidance from a professional therapist but unless you’re determined to apply what you’ve learned until you succeed it wont help.  If you’re ready to get going and your determined to persist until you succeed then reach out we can help.

Call and seek out the help of a professional drug and alcohol counsellor.

To get help simple call your GP or look up a therapist near by.  If you would like to speak to us then simply call 9420 0788 and one of our friendly office staff will help you set up an appointment.

Act sooner rather than later.

It is always easier to fix a problem before your life becomes a train wreck.  If you think you’ve got a problem then your probably do.  If people around you are suggesting you have a problem you quite possibly do.  Either way, act earlier rather than later.  A professional therapist will be able to tell you what is best for you.  So do wait pick up the phone and call.  Our number is 9420 0788

You will know in your heart of hearts if you have a problem with drugs and alcohol. All the best in your journey.