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What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship Counselling Is?

A service that is provided to you by highly educated, skilled professionals who seek to help you overcome your challenges and navigate the concerns you may have in your relationship.

Professional service

All good therapists are members of state and national associations that ensure you will receive a professional and expert service.

Highly skilled and Highly Educated

All Clear Day Consulting therapists are required to undergo years of training and education at University level. Throughout their course, they required to pass knowledge tests and demonstrate their relationship counselling skills in order to ensure they can deliver a professional and effective service to their patients and clients. After leaving college and University all professional relationship counsellors and therapists are required to participate in ongoing education so they keep up to date with the latest research and can deliver evidence-based therapy programmes.

A place where you can learn the answers, strategies and skills you need.

Relationship counselling services are a place where you can safely ask answers to important questions. Relationship counsellors can support you as you examine your challenges and find solutions that will work for you in your situation. At Clear Day Consulting we provide the knowledge and practical skills that you need to be able to overcome your relationship challenges and go on to thrive in life and living.

A place to discover if you should stay or leave.

A relationship counsellor or professional relationship therapist can help you decide if you should stay in your relationship and fix it or you should leave and start again. Many of us find ourselves in relationships that are not satisfying or worse are dangerous to be in. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re better off staying or better off leaving. A relationship counsellor will be able to help you decide what to do. If your relationship is a bit lacklustre and unsatisfying however fundamentally OK your relationship counsellor will be able to advise you how best to fix it.  On the other hand, you might find yourself in an abusive relationship but are confused about whether the problem is yours or your partners. Or for that matter, you may wonder if it is just simply the two of you don’t work together and bring out the worst in each other. If this is the case and either yourself or the other person is unsafe and someone is being abused it is advisable to break up and your relationship counsellor can help you decide if this is the case for you or not.

If you find yourself in a relationship that is abusive simply call your local professional relationship counselling service and booking for an appointment. In that appointment, your therapist will listen to your situation and help you decide whether you should stay or leave. If you decide to leave your therapist will help you navigate the complexities and leave in the safest and most effective way possible.

A place where you can learn how to rebuild your connection.

Many of us have great relationships that have simply lost their shine. Great relationship therapy will teach you all you need to know and do to reconnect with your loved one and develop the kind of wonderful enjoyable and fulfilling relationship you’ve been looking for.

Relationship Counselling is Not

A place to have someone referee your fights.

Some patience and clients may come in for relationship counselling to have somebody mediate their disputes. Relationship therapists are probably not the best people to have mediate your dispute. If you have a conflict with your partner and you seek the services of a professional relationship counsellor, you will find that the counsellor does not take sides. When couples are in conflict it is important for the counsellor to ensure they help both parties understand the other person and decide for themselves what they should do. If you are looking for somebody to mediate and referee your conflicts you’re better off simply going to a mediation service.

A place to be fixed.

Relationship therapists don’t fix you relationship counsellors can’t make you better. What they can do is teach you how to understand your problems and teach you how to solve those problems. In other words, effective relationship counselling therapy teaches you the principles skills and strategies to solve your own challenges and if you apply what you learn you will be able to help yourself overcome the problems. If you’re someone who simply needs to be shown the way to overcome your relationship worries and concerns relationship counselling is the place to get the answers you need.

In Short, Relationship Counselling is.

Relationship Counselling Gives You the Support and The Strategies You Need

In short, relationship, counselling is a place where you can go to get the support and understanding you need as well as the principles the skills and strategies to help make your relationship work. It’s also a place you can go if you’re concerned that your relationship is abusive if and you need help to get out of it. Finally, it’s a place where you can go and enjoy learning how to reconnect with your partner and find the kind of love and joy you deserve.

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