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The Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Counselling

You get un-chained from addiction and a whole lot more.

You get your life back. You wouldn’t be looking into drug or alcohol counselling services unless these issues are causing you problems. If you want to get your life back, if you want to feel carefree and happy again, then eliminating drug dependency and getting your life unchained from addiction through effective counselling is the way to go.  What’s more you’ll learn how to get unstuck from other things that are holding you back from thriving success in life and living.  If you want to have the best life possible then positive psychology coaching and counselling will show you how.

You will become more happy, satisfied, confident in most if not all aspects of life.

You wouldn’t be seeking help if you were as happy as you want to be.  One of the things that most people experience when they eliminate drug addiction and control their drinking is they feel suddenly feel happier, more satisfied, and more confident in all aspects of their lives.  They get their enthusiasm for life back.  They get their joy of life back.

You get back in charge of your life.

One of the nastier things that tends to happy when you become dependent on drugs and alcohol is you start to build your life around the next fix or the next drink.  Your life becomes focused on the next session and you lose sight of the other things of life that make you happy, satisfied and fulfilled.  It’s almost as if you start to exist only for the party.  If this really works for you then that’s fine off you go and party on.

But you and I know from experience that it doesn’t really work.  What tends to happen is you tend to stop doing the things that make life function and over time the wheels start to fall off and life starts stop flowing and starts grinding.  Eliminating drug use and controlling your drinking puts you back in charge so your life can run smoothly again. It enables you to put time back so you can put that into doing thing all the things that makes life function and flow.

You get your enthusiasm for life and living back.

All the euphoria that drugs and alcohol create when you’re “on them”, doesn’t make up for the cost of losing your enthusiasm for life and living.  The relatively small high you get in drugs and alcohol doesn’t compensate for the cost of losing your enthusiasm for seeing and doing all the incredible things that are available to you.  Over time drugs and alcohol tends to mean you lose enthusiasm for normal and can’t be happy unless you’re using. This tends to be a case of spiralling, or for that matter gently gliding downward from where you are to hitting rock bottom.

What’s exciting is the opposite is also true.  If you give up on drugs and control your drinking your enthusiasm for just being alive and living life to the max goes up.  In the end you won’t miss drugs and you won’t worry about your alcohol use. You’ll be excited by everything this thing called life and living has to offer. What you will be experiencing is a renewed enthusiasm for love, for just being alive.