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Who needs drug and alcohol counselling?

Obviously if you have a drug addiction it is illegal and you must eliminate it.

If you are consuming alcohol everyday at moderate to high levels then you need help. If you take illegal drugs you are committing a crime.  While some people might think that small amounts of illegal substance use is acceptable we find very little evidence that any amount of drug use is safe.

If you’re using drugs or alcohol and they are causing you harm, or if you have developed a dependency then you need to get help. To get help all you have to do is call your local professional therapist and inlist their services.

When it comes to alcohol, if your alcohol use is causing you distress or distress to the people around you then you need to eliminate it or learn to control it.

If you’re consuming alcohol every day, then you need to seek help.  If you are consuming large amounts of alcohol in any single session Then you need to seek help. Whether you’re a binge drinker or a regular drinker if alcohol is causing you and the people around you distress then you need to seek help.