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The Process of Drug and Alcohol Counselling

Process of Drug and Alcohol Counselling


The aim of drug and alcohol counselling is to help you eliminate illegal drug use and control your alcohol consumption within safe limits. In short, we want to put you in charge so you can overcome dependency and urges and create the life you want.  We want to help you so you can get the best out of life without having to resort to drugs and alcohol to manage your mood, overcome stress and cope with difficulties.

There are four stages to the process of Drug and Alcohol counselling
Initial workup.

During the initial session, we listen to your situation and then explain to you a plan that will help you achieve the results you want. After we’ve discussed it and you have agreed to the plan we’re suggesting we begin immediately, getting your life back on track.

During that initial discussion, if you don’t think the plan will suit you we will suggest another option.  We will always try to make the plan suit you in your situation. However, if you don’t believe we are able to help and you are free to leave without any obligations and seek other help.

Awareness of the problem and the solutions.

The problem-solving process for both drug and alcohol problems begins with awareness. Think of the process as a sophisticated problem-solving exercise.  It is very hard to solve a problem that you are fully aware of.  First of all, you need to become aware of what the root cause of drug and alcohol addiction is. What is the root cause of the urges that drive you to do illegal drugs and consume too much alcohol?

For example, the problem is the desire for more driven by the urge for immediate gratification. Once you’re aware of the problems we then teach you the strategies and skills that override the need to satisfy your urges so you can get back in charge.

Skills and strategies for drug and alcohol problems.

The skills and strategies of drug and alcohol control include learning how to win the argument.  It’s also about finding the motivation to overcome dependency be persistent and determined enough to succeed.  Part of the work we will do with you is to help you win the argument and find the motivation, persistence and determination to succeed.  This phase usually sees you coming in for a session once per week until you understand what the problems and solutions are.  This usually take about 3 – 4 sessions.


Knowledge without application is just information in your head.  Knowledge doesn’t change you until you apply it in real-life situations and grow new perspectives.  We will help you apply the skills and strategies you learn in, low medium and high-risk situations until you succeed in overcoming urges.  Usually this phase means we meet every fortnight for about 3 – 4 sessions.

Maintainance and Relapse Prevention

Once you’ve been able to succeed in low, medium and high-risk situations we will support you over a period of time until your no longer a risk of relapse. During this phase we teach you how to maintain downward pressure on you dependency until you can confidently go it alone.   This usually entails monthly meetings until you are confident you can go it alone.