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What is drug and alcohol counselling?

Drug and alcohol counselling is counselling services designed to help people eliminate illegal drug use and drink in a safe and controlled manner. Illegal drug use is by its very nature illegal and consequently the aim of counselling is to help you eliminate it. Whilst alcohol use is legal it is often problematic.  When it comes to alcohol we aim to help clients get control of their drinking so that it is not problematic and cause no harm.

Drug and Alcohol Counselling, The Problem it Solves

For people who have a drug or alcohol dependency and want to get off it.

Are you someone who depends on drugs or alcohol to lift your mood? Or are you someone who needs alcohol or drugs to have fun. Have you’ve noticed that your life is less happy, less satisfied and going in a direction you don’t like because of your drinking or drug use? Do you tell yourself you could easily quit but you never seem to?

If you said yes to any of these questions then it’s very likely you have a dependency on illegal drugs or alcohol. If this is true drug, alcohol counselling can help you overcome the urges, control your consumption of alcohol, eliminate your drug use, and get your life back on track. Effective counselling will help you change your unconscious attachments to alcohol and drug use so you can be free of their harmful effects.

About drug and alcohol Counselling, It’s easier than you think!

Drug and / or Alcohol Counselling is probably easier than think. Many people are concerned when they come in for drug and alcohol counselling that it might be hard and difficult. Some fear that the fun in their lives will be over if they can’t use drugs or consume alcohol. However, most clients experience exactly the opposite. Most clients find that they feel happier, more energised, more enthusiastic for life and living because they reduce their alcohol consumption and eliminate any illegal drug use. The reason being the benefits of not drinking heavily and eliminating drug use far exceed the disadvantages.  The secret is convincing your sub-conscious mind so it lets go dependency.

We Use Positive Psychology Coaching

At Clear Day Consulting Counselling and Coaching, we teach positive psychology frameworks. This means you will become happier, more confident, and more empowered to get the best out of life and living, as well as reduce your alcohol consumption and eliminate drug dependency.

Let’s face it.  If your alcohol and drug use is making you happy then you wouldn’t be looking at this article.  You’d be off doing more drugs and more alcohol. So, if you’re looking for help you have probably proven to yourself that drugs and alcohol may well give you great short term experiences but in the medium and long term, make your life to pretty uncomfortable even completely miserable and bad.

What you Will Learn in the Program

In the program, you’ll learn about the drivers of dependency.  You’ll learn how to overcome the urges that drive you to overindulge.  You’ll learn how to change your, conscious and unconscious beliefs and behaviours so you can thrive in life and living. You’ll learn how to live a life of happiness, carefreeness and satisfaction without dependency.

We promise that by learning how to overcome your unconscious and semi-conscious beliefs and behaviours that drive your attachment to drug and alcohol dependence, you’ll learn to get more out of life and living.

Firstly, your health, wellbeing and energy levels will improve a lot.  Secondly, your, optimism and enthusiasm will improve.  Third, you will find that your relationships improve enormously.

Through the counselling process, you will learn the skills and strategies for eliminating addiction and dependency.  If you want to get your life back on track, if you want to feel much better for drinking less and eliminating illegal drug use then the process of drug and alcohol counselling will help immensely.

You will probably find it much easier than you think.  What’s more, you will immediately feel better for taking charge. What’s more, nothing bad will happen if you eliminate drug use and learn to control your drinking.  Only good things will happen.