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The Benefits of Relationship Counselling or Coaching

Counselling Versus Coaching

Before we go into the benefits of counselling or coaching, let’s define the difference between counselling or coaching.  Counselling is really for people who have complicated situations that may include stress, anxiety, depression or personality problems like Bi Polar disorder of Borderline Personality disorder.  If you and you partner don’t have anything like this then you probably would do better with a coach.  Coaching is for people who need help understanding what to do and how to do it.  While counselling is more for people who need help with other more serious mental health conditions. With that in mind lets look at the benefits of either.

You get un-chained from negative patterns of interaction and a whole lot more.

No one succeeds in life without the support and engagement of others. Relating is one of the most important we do.  Being great at relating enables us to enjoy personal and professional success far more easily.   For the most part many of us are pretty good at relating. However sometimes we can get into problem patterns of interacting that get in the way of connecting, and engaging with the people around us. Some of those patterns can become so problematic that we end up hating that person or those people.  What’s sad is that most of these problem ways of interacting are un-necessary.  Other ways of getting along work better, are easier and make relationships enjoyable, valuable, and connected.

Relationship counselling or coaching will help you identify these negative forms of interacting and will show you the alternative approaches and strategies that make connecting with others easier, more fun, more effective and a whole lot more.

Single, looking, dating or partnering learning how to connect matters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single and you want to remain single, or you’re trying to find the right person for you.  If you have patterns of interacting with others that are problematic then you’ll always struggle with connecting.  If you’re in a relationship and you know it’s a good relationship, but you don’t know how to make it better, relationship counselling or coaching will show you how. If you’re in a relationship and you believe that it is over and you need to leave, relationship counselling or coaching will help you decide if you should leave and if you believe you should help you do so in the most effective and amicable way possible.

What if it’s the other person that has the problem?

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s all about what the other person is doing wrong.  Humans are not perfect.  All people make mistakes and all people have parts to there personalities that may not work well for others. If you find yourself in a relationship where the other person has a glaring problem like drinking too much or, they’re too angry, or they aren’t really committed to the relationship then relationship counselling or coaching will help you work out how best to approach this problem.

It may be that you need to refer your partner for help to a professional therapist or coach.  It may be that you need to be ready to assert yourself more effectively without becoming a nag so that the other person here’s your concerns and decides to change.  Or it maybe you need to know how to leave because the other person’s problem is too great to overcome.  Whatever your situation relationship counselling or coaching will help you navigate this type of situation effectively.

You will become more, happy, satisfied, confident in your relationship.

You wouldn’t be seeking help if you were as happy as you want to be.  When you address your relationship issues most people experience you are likely to feel happier, more satisfied, and more confident in all aspects of their lives.  Because great relating is one of the most fulfilling experiences of life we all need to get good at relating with good people if we want to enjoy life.  As your relationship situation improves you will start to enjoy life more than you probably expect.

Connecting and working together to tackle life is fun.

When we feel disconnected from others we feel isolated and alone. Everything starts to take on a bit of a flat tone.  Research shows us that people who are disconnected from others are more likely to experience anxiety, stress or depression.  What’s more the opposite is also true.  When we know how to connect with others we start to feel like we belong, life stops appearing to be so difficult and starts to feel more fun.

People working together to do great things is a really important and fulfilling experience of life.  Even when things appear difficult having someone who’s got your back takes much of the pain and difficulty away.  It can even make hard situations fun and worthwhile. Relationship counselling or coaching can help you connect, engage and get that feeling of belonging and participating back.

You get your enthusiasm for your relationship back and a whole lot more.

Enjoying relating will put a spring back into your step.  You’ll become capable of getting around with a smile on your dial.  You’ll feel less daunted with life.  You’ll tap into one of life’s greatest truths that caring and being cared for makes life really worth while even when life deals us some harsh blows.

If you want to get your enthusiasm for life and living back then relationship counselling or coaching can help.