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About drug and Alcohol Counsellors

Professional Education and Experience.

Highly qualified professional drug and alcohol counsellors have Master’s degrees in psychology and many years of experience and ongoing education helping people overcome problems with dependence on drugs and alcohol. They bring all their education and experience to the counselling process helping you overcome the urges and habits that drive problem drug and alcohol use.

Member of a professional association

All professional therapists are members of their state or national associations which ensures that they meet the highest standards in training, education, and ongoing professional development.

Ongoing professional development

All professional therapists and counsellors must undertake ongoing professional development to ensure they maintain a high standard of professionalism and skill.  This also means they have to stay up to date with the research and can therefore provide the best in therapy and support.

Trained to understand, support, and motivate you to achieve the results you want.

Professional therapists and counsellors are trained to understand the science, the psychology skills and strategies of overcoming addiction and drug and alcohol dependence. Armed with this knowledge and years of experience they are able to help you understand your problem and find the motivation to overcome it.  You can be confident they will provide you all the support you need on your journey to success.

How does it work?

If you think you have a problem come in for an assessment.  Then if you do have a problem the therapist or counsellor will show you what you need to do to overcome your problem.

Why should I get an assessment?

You don’t have to get an assessment, however if you think you have problem then a thorough assessment will tell what you need to do to fix it.

If I have a high score what does that mean?

If you score high on your drug or alcohol assessment then it is likely you have a significant problem that needs professional help. If you score high you should seek out the services of a professional therapist experienced in treatment of drug or alcohol dependence issues.

Where do I go for help once I have done an assessment?

Drug and alcohol counsellors are Primary Health care practitioners which means you don’t need a referral to seek their help. if you want to have your drug and alcohol dependence recorded against your medical records then it would be advised to seek the help of your General practitioner first. They will then refer you to either a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist. If you don’t wish to seek the help of a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist you may choose to seek the advice and help of a drug and alcohol counsellor. In either case it’s always best to get referrals from people who have used the service before you seek anyone’s help.