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How to cover my drug and alcohol counselling costs

The cost of drug and alcohol counselling can be claimed against some health funds?

Generally speaking, drug and alcohol dependents issues are not covered under Medicare or your health funds. However, in some situations, you may qualify for the governments better access to health care plan. To access these subsidised treatment programmes provided for under the better access to health legislation you need to go to your General practitioner first and be assessed for a mental health condition. They will then refer you to a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist or counsellor. Some people choose not to seek out a better health access plan because they don’t want the details of their problem recorded against their medical records. Many people choose to seek a therapist without an access plan because they wish to try and approach that is not a medicalized drug and alcohol programme. Whatever your choice it’s up to you.

If you chose to cover the costs yourself.

If you choose to cover costs yourself you can expect a high level love service and success if you seek the assistance of a highly qualified professional service provider. Professional therapists can be found near you simply by going on to Google or even seeking a referral from a friend or family member or your GP.