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Elusive love how to succeed in relationships

Elusive love and how to succeed in relationships.

Have you ever wondered why we all seek that elusive love and how to succeed in relationships?  Here’s the thing, most of us are seeking the how of “Elusive Love and How to Succeed in Relationships”. Why you ask.  Well it’s simple really, learning how to succeed in modern relationships  is critical if you want to enjoy life and living.  Mastering relationships is essential if you want to maximize your personal and professional success, satisfaction and fulfilment.  Learning how to succeed in relationships makes both your personal and professional lives easier and more enjoyable. If you want to enjoy loving and being loved you have to get your head around what you have to know and do to create fulfilling, relationships.  For the majority of us relationships are the thing we do most in our lives, apart from breathing.  Great relationships are what keep us together.  Working together means we get to tap into the power of the group.  In short if there is something you need to do that requires another person then you have to be good at relationships if you want to enjoy that something.

Elusive Love and How to Succeed in Relationships, No One Get’s Through Life In The Absence of Relationships.

Even if you’re a bit reclusive, and there are a lot of us,  you still have to navigate relationships if you want to get the most out of life and living. We need people in our lives, to be happy, satisfied, secure and successful.  What’s more we need people to help us get things done.  If you’re someone who wants to be single, understanding how relationships work is still relevant to you.  It will help you succeed with the ones you have, it will help work more effectively with people enabling you to get more of what you want out of life.  Besides even if you are someone who enjoys their own company, you don’t actually live on a lonely planet, there are people everywhere and its through relationships that you navigate the chaos.

No one is able to fully avoid relationships.  You may be able to reduce the number of relationships you have but at some point you’re going to have to relate.  With that in mind if you know how they work and how to work them you’ll be able to make them work for you and not against you.  What’s more, knowing what relationships are, and how they work means you will avoid the common traps that cause you major setbacks in life.  On top of that if you know how relationships work and how to navigate them, you will also be able to avoid the relationships you don’t want, and doesn’t that sound like a great advantage in life.  Learning how relationships work is for any one a way of enjoying and staying in control of large part of our lives.

Elusive Love and How to Succeed in Relationships: Relationships Can Be Our Greatest Source of Happiness, or Greatest Source of Distress.

If you take the time to think about it, you’ll quickly realize that relationships can be the our greatest source of love, excitement, security, nurture and a whole bunch more good stuff, but only if they are working well.  Equally if they are not working well they will be our biggest source of distress, insecurity, anger, frustration and resentment.  So it makes sense to learn to master them because they are central to how much joy, happiness, success or failure we get in life.

You Can’t Experience Couples Stuff on Your Own

There is a whole world of experiences in life that require people cooperate.  In other words there are a whole bunch of experiences in life that require two or more people to work together.  Equally there are a large number of experiences in life that are individualistic which is fine and in these situations you don’t really need other people.  It’s pretty obvious though,  you can’t have a couples or team experience in the absence of others.  Which means if you want to enjoy the best of these situations you need to be good at relating.

Take a second to think about that great Zen mind bender puzzle that asks you to consider the sound of one hand clapping. Being without it’s partner in clapping crime one hand clapping can’t make the sound of clapping.  No matter how hard it tries.  It can go through the motions of clapping, but on its own it can only fulfil part of the total experience. In time that hand will become frustrated and perhaps even a little depressed, if hands can be depressed, but you get the metaphor.  On it’s own it can only go through the motions.  But no matter how much it tries there cannot be any sound produced.  It needs to work with the other hand to create the full clapping experience.  People are the same, to enjoy the full cooperation experience you need a partner.

Elusive Love and How to Succeed in Relationships: You Need a Partner To Enjoy Partnering

People are the same.  If you are one person and you want the partner experience, you can’t fulfil your desires on your own, you have to partner.  Please understand, I am not suggesting that life as a single is any less fulfilling than life as a partner it often is.  I am only saying it is different.  Large numbers of people over the age of 35 are choosing to remain single.  It’s not a better or worse choice, it’s just a different choice.  If you are not in a relationship and you want to be in one that is loving, lasting and empowering, you need to find someone who will help cooperate with you in building a lasting loving cooperative bond.

If this is the case, then you definitely need to know how modern relationships work. You have to know how to avoid the traps, which are very common, and you have to know how to realize the plentiful opportunities that are available.  To do this you need awareness, understanding and skills. You need to master this thing called relationships.  Nothing else will do.  Yep I’m saying it’s a skill set and if you master it you get to go home with all the good stuff,  if you don’t learn and master the skills you’ll get what ever you get.

Success in Life and Living Doesn’t Start and End with Romantic Relationships.

As I eluded to earlier, the benefits of understanding and successfully navigating relationships doesn’t start and finish with romantic or social, relationships.  Understanding how relationships work and how to work with them successfully, allows you to engage in your professional relationships with skill and confidence.  Being skilled in the interpersonal space will absolutely increase your likelihood of personal and professional success.

You see the same psychology applies in professional relationships as occurs in romantic and social relationships.  It’s true that the emphasis and the intent are different but the processes and the  machinery are the same.  The reason the same psychology occurs is because people are people no matter what world or relationship arena you walk in.  If you want to enjoy success in business and career, you have to know how relationships actually work and how to work with them so they work for you and not against you.

One of The Most Common Things Most People Do is Relate

Sure, you probably breath more than you relate, but that’s about it.  You might think you can escape relating but the thing is YOU CAN’T.  NO ONE gets through life alone. Well not for very long anyway.  I have a number of friends who for various reasons avoid relating.  They’ve been hurt in the past or they have been through extraordinary circumstances that make it difficult for them to relate, but as much as they want to avoid relating they can’t.  At some point they have to cooperate with another person to make something happen.  Sure as I’ve already mentioned it is possible to avoid all but a handful of relationships and if that truly makes you satisfied and fulfilled then that’s what you should do.  If on the other hand you’re not trying to avoid relating, but you struggle with relationship confidence then learning how to get relationship ready or relationship fit will enhance your confidence, and your satisfaction in life and career immensely.

Get Relationship Fit So You Can Succeed In Relationships

I personally believe that it makes sense to understand how relationships really work if you want to enjoy life, career, love and living.  If you want to succeed in both your personal and professional lives, it makes sense to learn how to succeed in relationships.  With that in mind I’m writing these posts so I can help anyone who is interested in learning how to understand and master relating and relationships.  It’s no different to learning how to master any other skill.  It’s really very similar to going to the gym and learning how to get physically fit.  The only difference here is your training your mind and emotions, not just your body.


If you want to enjoy both love, life, living and career, you have to master relationships.  Whether your just looking for that elusive love or your looking to navigate your way through the corporate landscape you have to master relationships.  To do that I want you to simply think of it as a skill set.  Something you can learn and master.  In other words you can get relationship fit.

In the Next Post

We’re going to summarize how to become relationship fit.

For now.  Have a great day and go thrive in life and living.






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